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Welcome to Myspace Free Div Layouts. The website for the Myspace group Free Divs, the way to really customise your profile!

For those of you that do not know, a "div layout" or "div overlay" as they are sometimes refered to is a more advanced way of customizing your Myspace profile. Basically it will hide the default Myspace layout and then place new content over the top of it, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Div layouts are a much better way of expressing your creativity over Myspace.

Latest News

A Quiet Month (2009-03-23)

Well, it's been a quiet month for this site with only 2 new Photoshop tutorials and one div layout posted. Sorry about that but I have just been really busy (and I won't bore you all with details).

Along with the new content I have also updated the search feature so it should work a bit better. I plan to work a bit more on it sometime later too, so watch out for that.


Juggalo Love


Red Symbiotic Text Effect
Gaming Header


Quite a few new Tutorials (2009-02-24)

Well I have to say it's been a pretty good month (in comparison to others) for the new content on free divs. I've created eight new tutorials - all on Photoshop (I'm learning a lot through making tutorials - it's great).

Although I would like to get a lot more done each month I simply can't because of other commitments. I still try to make at least one tutorial per week for you all to enjoy.

The Tutorials

Creating a fake beard/stubble
Basics of using Masks
Using Text on Paths
Another technique to change eye colour (a better technique in my opinion)
Create a haunted house (out of the Disney castle)
Create smoke
Make a page curl
Create a snowman (yes, it's been snowing here - which is what made me make this tutorial)

Happy New Year 2008 (2009-01-23)

This month hasn't been very productive I have to say. I've been very busy with other things in life (i.e. University starting back and a few other things) to do much on here.

This month all that has happened is the deletion of some of the layouts because they were using images which were hosted somewhere which has now deleted them. I have also made a few more Photoshop tutorials:

Changing eye colour
Creating Fireworks - probably the best of the tutorials this month
Making a Beard [more]

Merry Christmas 2008 (2008-12-24)

There we have it, another year gone with hopefully a lot more ahead of us.

As I said in the last news post i'm going to start making these a monthly occurance, just to let you know what new layouts, tutorials and any other news I have to tell you that has happened in the past month.

Well, this month has been quite productive I have to say (well, in comparison to earlier months).

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