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Welcome to Myspace Free Div Layouts. The website for the Myspace group Free Divs, the way to really customise your profile!

For those of you that do not know, a "div layout" or "div overlay" as they are sometimes refered to is a more advanced way of customizing your Myspace profile. Basically it will hide the default Myspace layout and then place new content over the top of it, which you can then add pretty much whatever you would like to. Div layouts are a much better way of expressing your creativity over Myspace.

Latest News

New Tutorials (2008-11-23)

Thought it was about time I had an update here, think I might stick to keeping them monthly like this and giving you a run-down of what has happened over the past month on the site (new layouts, tutorials and the works).

Anyway, the new tutorials:

Free alternative browsers
Myspace Group Links
Using Header Tags Correctly
PHP Pagination
Introduction to CSS

Support Forum Launched (2008-10-20)

I recently set up a support forum for Free Divs. Basicly you can go here with any problems you are having with a div layout, to report any bugs with our site, to suggest new features we could include in our site and a range of other discussion topics. I will be checking the forum regularly so anything you post there should get answered quite quickly.

We also have a new div overlay on the site:

Lions and tigers 2

Layouts and tutorials (2008-10-07)

Well it's October now and about time for some halloween div layouts/div overlays for you people to enjoy. We have a new one on the site for you to check out, along with the old halloween layouts below:

Halloween Bookcase (new)

Also added to the new layouts is one for any Call of Duty fanatics out there:

Call of Duty [more]

A few New Tutorials (2008-09-16)

Sorry everyone, I have been a bit lazy/busy the past week or two to update this site with new content. But that will change soon, there are a few people who have said they will donate to the site some new div layouts (most of which should be of amazing quality) and I also have some new tutorials in mind that I plan to write in the near future (mostly Myspace tutorials, but some others).

For now I have made a few new tutorials (although they have been on the site a while now, I just havn't mentioned them here):

JavaScript: Bookmark Page Link
PHP: Server Side Includes
PHP: Connecting to a MYSQL Database [more]

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