18 New layouts (2008-05-16)

Thats right, already i'm starting to add new layouts.

I've not got round to the tutorials yet (it takes longer), but I will in a day or two, don't worry.

The new divs:

John Cena
Jay Cutler V2.0
Floyd Mayweather
Retro Surfing
Silhouette of a Girl
Windows Vista Monitor
Tech Looking
Blue Orbs
Retro V2.0
Glossy Blue Orb
Rodney Mullen
Lion and Tiger
Tech V2.0

Group layouts have to be entered into the group description (ignore the about me and who id like to meet bits on the code page, I havn't changed the script for them)

Boxing group layout
Parkour group layout
Ninja and Dragon group layout

More to come soon.

The Free Divs Team

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