8 New Layouts (2008-05-23)

Another update with a bunch of new layouts for you all to enjoy.

I was also thinking about making these updates a fortnightly or monthly thing, it'd make them longer and less frequent but i'd probably make them more interesting due to this, also i'd save me some time and give you something to read if you have a spare few minutes.

Feedback is always appreciated in our group, be it good or bad, we aim to make this site good for you to visit and so your feedback will always be taken into account.

New Layouts:

Christmas (I know, a bit early/late but it'll be good fo years to come)
Flying Heart
Frankie "El Gato" Figueroa
Chinese Dragon
Baby Bear
Glossy Sphere
Stuffed Doll

Again, I'll get onto the tutorials ASAP.

The Free Divs Team

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