A Quiet Month (2009-03-23)

Well, it's been a quiet month for this site with only 2 new Photoshop tutorials and one div layout posted. Sorry about that but I have just been really busy (and I won't bore you all with details).

Along with the new content I have also updated the search feature so it should work a bit better. I plan to work a bit more on it sometime later too, so watch out for that.


Juggalo Love


Red Symbiotic Text Effect
Gaming Header

I know I said that I'd make quite a few tutorials this month but that just hasn't happened. Expect them to come in the next month or two.

I will try to find time to work a bit on enhancing that search as well. I plan to add pages to it (so it's not just a list of all the layouts related to your search term), make it search more than just the title of the layouts (descriptions too) and a few other updates.
Might make it search the tutorials too - or make it so you select if you want to search the tutorials or the divs. That section is getting bigger and I think it would be useful.

Anyway enjoy,
Nick + The Free Divs Team

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