A few New Tutorials (2008-09-16)

Sorry everyone, I have been a bit lazy/busy the past week or two to update this site with new content. But that will change soon, there are a few people who have said they will donate to the site some new div layouts (most of which should be of amazing quality) and I also have some new tutorials in mind that I plan to write in the near future (mostly Myspace tutorials, but some others).

For now I have made a few new tutorials (although they have been on the site a while now, I just havn't mentioned them here):

JavaScript: Bookmark Page Link
PHP: Server Side Includes
PHP: Connecting to a MYSQL Database

The new tutorials I have in mind will be more targeted at Myspace traffic than people learning web design skills, but they will be good.

Also if you have any suggestions/requests for tutorials then I would like to hear them. Or maybe you have a tutorial written that you would like posted here? If so can you contact me on Myspace?

Nick + The Free Divs Team

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