Been Busy (2009-04-23)

I am sorry but I have been so busy with other things I have neglected this website over the past month. As a result there hasn't been much new content or news to report.

The only new tutorial this month is:

Draw a Plasma TV

I have also removed the forum form the website. Why? It wasn't being used by anyone and was getting spammed by a bunch of automated tools with crap. The spam was too much for me to keep on top of and so deleting the forum altogether was a better option.

As said I have been too busy this month with other things. Mainly university work and a new website I am creating, but then there is also a lot of other small things going on that add up to quite a lot just now. I know i've been saying the same kind of thing for a few months now but it is coming to the end of the year at university and so I will be available much more in the near future (and should have a good bit to update the site with).

Well, enjoy,
Nick + The Free Divs Team

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