Happy New Year 2008 (2009-01-23)

This month hasn't been very productive I have to say. I've been very busy with other things in life (i.e. University starting back and a few other things) to do much on here.

This month all that has happened is the deletion of some of the layouts because they were using images which were hosted somewhere which has now deleted them. I have also made a few more Photoshop tutorials:

Changing eye colour
Creating Fireworks - probably the best of the tutorials this month
Making a Beard

I've been thinking about expanding this site a bit more too, to incorporate images possibly (probably comment images). I've also been thinking about re-designing the whole site, just because i'm a bit bored of this one and also because it'd let me add a few new features with more ease than if I didn't re-design.

I will be modifying the search feature this month for sure, you might not see the difference though. It will be mainly so that I can track what people type into it (to try and get an idea of what people are looking for on the site - so I know what additions to make). I will also try to make it search the tutorials as well as the layouts (as the tutorials section is getting bigger all the time, it would be good). I will probably make a page which will be public to show people what the most popular searches are too - this might be useful to some people.

If there are any features you think would be good to have on this site then please do ask me to include them - I will take all suggestions into consideration. You can do this by contacting me on Myspace, or by joining the forum and posting it there.

Hope you all had a great New Year, I know I did!
Nick + The Free Divs Team

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