New Nav Bar causing problems (2008-06-27)

So we know that if you are using one of our extensive range of Myspace Div layouts then you will be having problems with the new top navigation bar. We have the solution and I have already added it to the tutorials section on the hide everything and creating a div layout tutorials.

I will be adding it to all the layouts I can over the next week or so and will update again after I have done so. If you have any problems with a layout or code after I have done this (or even before if you want help straight away) then please ask us in our group on Myspace and we will provide an answer as soon as we can.

I also have a few more layouts and a few tutorials to put on the site, so keep an eye out for them in the near future too!

Well lets just hope that Myspace do not change their coding again anytime soon (but they probably will, but never fear, we will always be here to provide the latest codes).

The Free Divs Team

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