New Site Design (2008-05-11)

Here we are with a new site design, sorry it's taken so long, but i've been quite busy the past few months.

You should find the new site much easier to navigate and we will find it much easier to update, so expect updates more often.

I know most people don't like change, but this one is for the better, here are a few reasons why:
1) It's easier to update which means updates more often.
2) It should be easier to navigate.
3) It's a much nicer layout as a whole.
4) There is a new search function.

The search function will only search the titles of the div layouts, nothing else, so don't go searching for tutorials or anything, it just won't get you any results. I will work out how to code in searching more of the site later, at the moment this will work sufficiently.

I havn't put all the tutorials into the database yet, so thats why a lot are missing, I will be adding them over the next couple of days, so don't worry if you came here to find a tutorial but couldn't, it won't be gone for long.

Some of the layout codes are messed up now due to Myspace changing their code, but I will fix them all in the near future.

I also have a bunch of new layouts and tutorials to put into the database, so expect a lot more soon.

If you find any ideas that could improve the site or any problems with the site please do message me on myspace and tell me, I will fix them as soon as I can.

The Free Divs Team.

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