New Tutorials (2008-11-23)

Thought it was about time I had an update here, think I might stick to keeping them monthly like this and giving you a run-down of what has happened over the past month on the site (new layouts, tutorials and the works).

Anyway, the new tutorials:

Free alternative browsers
Myspace Group Links
Using Header Tags Correctly
PHP Pagination
Introduction to CSS

Thats about all that has happened on the site in the past month. Don't forget about our support forum either, it'd be great to get an active community going in there.

As for this following month I don't know how much time I will have to create tutorials and other things with all my university work to be handed in soon, so I might not have that much to talk about next month, but I will make some time to create a few so do check back for any updates (I do have a few plans for tutorials, one about the random image script that I created for this site -- the featured layouts part of the site -- and I have a few other ideas too).

Nick + The Free Divs Team

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