Quite a few new Tutorials (2009-02-24)

Well I have to say it's been a pretty good month (in comparison to others) for the new content on free divs. I've created eight new tutorials - all on Photoshop (I'm learning a lot through making tutorials - it's great).

Although I would like to get a lot more done each month I simply can't because of other commitments. I still try to make at least one tutorial per week for you all to enjoy.

The Tutorials

Creating a fake beard/stubble
Basics of using Masks
Using Text on Paths
Another technique to change eye colour (a better technique in my opinion)
Create a haunted house (out of the Disney castle)
Create smoke
Make a page curl
Create a snowman (yes, it's been snowing here - which is what made me make this tutorial)

Over the next month I plan to make quite a few tutorials (I have quite a few in mind - again, mostly Photoshop) and there might even be a few more Myspace div layouts to add to the collection too.

Nick + the Free Divs Team

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