Support Forum Launched (2008-10-20)

I recently set up a support forum for Free Divs. Basicly you can go here with any problems you are having with a div layout, to report any bugs with our site, to suggest new features we could include in our site and a range of other discussion topics. I will be checking the forum regularly so anything you post there should get answered quite quickly.

We also have a new div overlay on the site:

Lions and tigers 2

I also have a few new Myspace based tutorials in mind too which I will try to get written up as soon as I can.

I was also thinking about running a contest for the launch of the support forum, but i'm not sure how many people would be interested in that and if it would be worth it. Anyway, if you are interested, join the forum and make a post about it, if I know that a good amount of people are interested then I will do it (I could probably get some pretty nice prizes too).

Nick + The Free Divs Team

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