Changing Eye Colour 2 Tutorial

Made by: Nick

I know i've already made a tutorial about how to change eye colours but one great thing about Photoshop is that there is usually a lot of different ways to carry out the same job (e.g. Colouring eyes). Some people find some techniques easier/better than others, so I thought it might be useful to go over another different technique of how to change eye colour in a photo (might just be because I like playing around with eyes...but it'll hopfully be useful).

Here I have a blue eye, and i want to change it to be green.

the eye

Start by changing to quick mask mode

quick mask

Then select the brush tool

brush tool

Select a smooth brush that fits the eye size

select a brush

and then paint the pupil, i've made it a red colour that shows the painted area but really it doesn't matter what colour, just something that you will be able to recognise as the painted section.

paint the eye

Now to erase the extra painted areas (if needed) select the erase tool

eraser tool

Make sure that the Opacity is 100%

opacity at 100%

And select a smooth erase brush

eraser settings

then erase the extras

erased edges

Now go back to the normal mode

back to normal mode

As u can see that the pupil area has been selected (or should have been, if not then select it), right-click on the working scene and click "Select Inverse" from the menu

select inverse

Now make a new layer from Layer> New> Layer

new layer

Name it whatever you want and click OK

name the layer

Now paint the selected area with the colour you want to change the eye to (in this case, green)

fill the new layer selection with green

Then change the mode of the color layer to "color"

set layer to color

You may change the opacity of the layer if you want

change opacity

Final Result

final result - eye colouring 2

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