Changing Eye Colour Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I plan to show you a very simple yet effective way to change the colour of eyes (or anything else) in a photograph.

For this I am going to use a photograph of my cat, mainly because he has distinctive eyes and it will make it easier for me to explain to you how to do this technique. Anyway, the image I am going to start with is:

Boo - my cat

Step 1: Selecting the eye

The first thing you will need to do is select the area that you want to change the colour of (in this case it will be the eye). I did this by using the polygonal lasso tool (shortcut L), but you can select the area in a different way if you think it would be better (or easier for you).

after selecting the eye area

Step 2: Changing the Colour

For changing the colour of the eye I used the "Color Balance" (Image>Adjustments>Color Balance). You will see a dialog box with what I have shown below inside it, you can just play with the different level bars to get the right colour you want. I chose to change the eyes to a blue colour and so set the levels like so:

colour balance menu

This produced this result:

one blue eye

After that you just need to follow the same steps again for the other eye and you should have a good end result like I did below.

End Result

After following these steps again for the other eye this was my result:

End result - two blue eyes

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