Create Fireworks Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I aim to teach you how to create realistic looking fireworks and add them into a picture.

I am going to start with using the photo below, the aim is to make some Fireworks in the night sky.

start image - landscape

Lets start by making a new layer for the fireworks.

New layer

Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

elliptical marquee

In the new layer, make a circle the size of what you want your firework to be.

making a selection

Fill it with a black colour.

Fill with black

Now from the filters menu use "Add Noise..." (Filters>Noise>Add Noise...).

Add noise to

Set the Amount to 40, Distribution to Gaussian, and select the Monochromatic option, then press OK.

Noise settings

Now open levels window (Image>Adjustments>Levels).

Open levels window

and set the values as shown below (120 , 0.90 , 200 ) then press OK.

Levels values

After that apply some Radial Blur (Filters>Blur>Radial Blur...) to the selection.

Apply Radial Blur

With these values (Amount 20 , Method Zoom , Quality Best).

Radial blur settings

Click OK, and you will see something similar to what is below:

mid section preview

To make only the white color appear change the layer mode to linear dodge.

Linear dodge

Open the Hue/Saturation window from Image>Adjustments


Change the hue and saturation as you want to get the wanted color but make sure that lightness is set to 0

hue-saturation settings

You could stop here but I am going to continue editing to create an even better firework effect with another colour.

Select the elliptical marquee tool again and set the feather to 25px (this is important).

elliptical marquee a second time

Now make a small circle inside the firework as shown below:

selecting the inner firework

Now open Hue/Saturation window again, and choose another colour.
hue-saturation a second time

You should end up with something similar to what is below:

After the second hue-saturation

You may want to decrease the opacity of the firework layer to get a more satisfying result.

decereasing the opacity


Final Result

After all that you should end up with something similar to what I have below which I think looks pretty realistic. You could repeat this process a few times to create more fireworks if you like.

End result - fireworks

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