Creating Smoke Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial we will make some smoke, and whats better than a cigarette to add this effect to?


Lets start by selecting the brush tool.

brush tool

and make a shape for the smoke in a new layer.

smoke shape

Then apply gaussian blur, with a radius of 35 pixels.

gaussian blur

radius settings

Now open the liquify filter window

liquify filter

Make sure to show the background so you see the effect

liquify window

You can use any of these tools to manipulate the smoke layer and create what you want your smoke to look like.

shape tools

Making the smoke really depends on your imaginary, I can't really tell you where to click and drag to create specific effects, just play around with it for a while and see what you can come up with. After making it Click OK to apply changes

liquify applied

Now make a new layer

new layer

Use the polygonal lasso tool

Polygonal lasso

Make sure to set the feather to 30pixels or roughly that so it fits your design size.

feather settings

Then make a selection around the smoke

make a selection

and then apply a clouds filter

render clouds

You may want to change the opacity of this to gain the effect your going for.

layer opacity

Final Result

My final result looked like this, pretty good I thought.
smoke final result

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