Customizing the Contact Table Tutorial

Made by: Nick

The Myspace contact table is the table of links on each profile page below your picture, containing “Send Message”, “Add to Friends”, etc.

To customize your contact table all you need to do is add some CSS code to any section of your profile (e.g. About me, Who I’d Like to Meet, etc.), generally I keep all my CSS in one section and I would advise you to do the same.

.contacttable {background-color:transparent;background:url(‘URL HERE’) no-repeat center scroll;
width:300px !important;height:150px !important;padding:0px!important;}
.contactTable table,table.contactTable td{background-color:transparent;background-image:url('none'); padding:0px !important;border:0px !important}
.contacttable a{display:block;height:28px;width:115px;filter:none !important}
.contacttable a img{visibility:hidden;
border:0px !important;filter:none !important}
.contacttable a .text{font-size:1px !important;filter:none !important}
.contacttable .whitetext12{display:none}

The first step is the creative part, you need to make an image of dimensions 150px X 300px showing the contact information (i.e. “Send Message”, “Add to Friends”, etc.). The next step is to upload your contact table image to an image hosting site such as and then finally you need to either use a contact table generator or add the URL of the image to the code below where it says “URL HERE”:

Most contact table generators are quite simple to use and so there is no need to have prior knowledge of HTML or CSS, but it does make it easier if you do. They will all let you either choose a “skin” to use or upload your own background image and then when you click the submit button it will give you a code which you copy and paste into a section of your profile.

Myspace resource sites provide a wide range of premade contact table images and give you the code to use them on your page.

For some great examples of what can be done then check out Myspace Pro Designs.

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