Flag Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I'll show how to give a plain flag the effect of motion (moving in the wind), here I'll use this Red rectangle as my flag

red rectangle

First Make a new layer

new layer

then select the Gradient tool

gradient tool

and use White-Black gradient with Reflected Mode as shown in the image below

white to black

Now make a small rectangular selection, That is taller than the flag in height, but smaller than it's half its width

make selection

and fill it using the gradient tool

fill the selection

again make another selection beside the last one, and fill it

another selection and fill

keep doing this in random width of each selection

repeat process

Now save the file as PSD file (the gradients layer should be the only visible layer when you save the file). This is so you can re-use the same pattern for other flags whenever you want to repeat this.

save file

after saving the file, make the gradients layer invisible


and then for the flag layer, Apply this filter (Distort > Displace)

distort displace

Use these values and Click OK!

displace values

now you will be asked for a file, use the one we have just saved

saved file

and Finally, make the gradients layer visible again, but change its mode to Overlay

gradients visible

Final Result

This final result would probably look much better if it were a real flag i'd used at the start...but the same process applies to creating it.

final result of flag

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