Free Alternative Browsers Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Okay so this isn't so much a tutorial as it is a list of a bunch of browsers out there and my opinions of them, but I hope it will help others choose a browser which is good for them and not just get people to use one because other people say they should.

The Main Five

I like to think that there are five modern browsers leading the way, these are:

Internet Explorer

Yes, Internet Explorer has been leading the market for a long time now and by the looks of it won't give first place up very easily. IE7 was the first step in the right direction they took for a long time (as it was the first update in years). IE8 looks like it will be an even bigger step to bring this browser up to modern standards now.


Firefox recently broke the world record for the most downloads in 24 hours with the release of the 3rd version of their browser (and a lot of advertising). It has been a close 2nd to IE for quite a while now and has a large (and quite devoted) fanbase. The library of extentions for FF is possibly the best feature about it, there are so many that there is bound to be something that you will want to use.


I might sound like a bit of a fanboy whilst talking about Opera but this is only because I have been using it for around 3 years now and have found it to be the best browser a person like me could ask for. You might find that there are quite a lot of Opera users who will defend it to the death if needed (i.e. a very devoted fanbase, even if it is small in comparison to IE and FF), and quite rightly so. It is the fastest browser around (yes, it's faster than Chrome), has been for a long time, even though other browsers say they are fast, none but Opera can claim that they are the fastest. The only downside is that there are quite a few tools and websites out there which don't support Opera (because the developers didn't keep it in mind whilst doing their job, it's the same with most less used browsers), but hey, it's not hard to keep a secondary browser installed just incase (either IE or FF would be the best choice).


Here we have the infamous browser from Apple, made originally for the mac OS and then adapted to windows (probably the only browser to do so, for obvious reasons). Safari will have all the apple fanboys saying that it is the best and all that, just like the FF and Opera fanboys do with their browsers. I actually quite like Safari, it's okay for quick browsing online. I'd use it before I use IE7 anyway, probably not before I use IE8 or any other browser though.


Chrome is the brand new face on the browser scene from Google. It is all developed using open source and is a very fast browser (almost as fast as Opera). It uses the same rendering engine that Safari uses (so for all you coders out there, if it works in Chrome then it will work in Safari, and vice versa). We have yet to see how it will do in the market (if it's going to steal the market from the other big guns or not is a big discussion area between webmasters at the moment), but I think it will be one of the most used browsers around, probably surpassing Safari and Opera to contend with Firefox and Internet Explorer.

A few More Alternatives


Flock is a very good browser developed by mozilla (Firefox developers) which aims to enhance the social networking side of the internet. So for all you social networking nuts out there, it would be a great choice of browser. I used it for about a month and have to say that it is a very good browser overall, but still pretty much FF with a social networking twist to it.


I havn't actually used Konqueror for much in the past, only for testing (and little at that), but it looks like a good browser that I will have to play about with sometime soon.

Conclusion Anyone?

Well I don't really have a conclusion to which one you should use. My obvious choice would be Opera, but I don't know, it might not be for you. I would recommend trying them all out for a period of time each and then choosing which one you like best, it's the best way to decide on the browser which is right for you.

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