Ghostly Castle Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I thought i'd show you how to create a spooky/scary looking castle (okay so i'm a bit early for Halloween, but it's still a pretty cool effect). The obvious choice of castle that came to mind was the disney castle - lets make it look scary.

Disney castle

First, this picture is in the daytime, it's too bright to be spooky. Let's make it night, open the Hue/Saturation window

open hue saturation

and set these values (195,35,-80 and check colorize)

hue saturation values

Now add a mask to the layer

add a mask

set your foreground colour to a light grey and the background colour to white

set colours

then apply clouds filter

apply clouds filter

the result should look like some fog

some fog

Lets add a moon to the picture. I have this picture that I got from a free stock photography site, you may use it if you wish.

add a moon

Just place it where you want it on the picture like so (drag and drop it on a new layer):

place the moon on the picture

then change the layers mode to exclusion

layer mode to exclusion

here is my result, pretty good for the little amount of work that it took.

moon result

Now lets add some flying bats, you may use this set of bats if you like, or you can find brushes of bats elsewhere.

set of bats

move them, and resize them where you want

added bats

finally, a ghostly castle can't be finished off without a little lighting. I have this picture here which you may use (I've colored some parts with black to make it easier to use)


and change it's layer mode to lighten

layer mode to lighten

Final Result

There we have it, a pretty good looking ghostly castle if I do say so myself

ghostly castle end result

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