Hide Everything Tutorial

Made by: Nick

This code goes inside your style sheet. The style sheet should be placed in the "about me" section, it keeps css and html seperate and will mean you can find errors more easily. Above each part of CSS it explains what it does.

.profileInfo, .contactTable, .userProfileURL, .interestsAndDetails, .userProfileDetail, .userProfileSchool, .userProfileNetworking, .userProfileCompany, .extendedNetwork, .latestBlogEntry, .friendSpace, .friendsComments, td div  {display:none;}
div td div, span.text div {display:block;}
div td div div {position:absolute!important; z-index:9; left:50%; margin-left:1px!important;}
div td div {position:absolute!important; z-index:9; left:50%; margin-left:-364px!important;}
.blurbs {visibility:hidden;}
.blurbs span.text, .blurbs span.text * {visibility:visible;}
div table div form {display:none!important}
div table div select {display:none!important}
div table div .mslogo {display:none!important}
div div table div li {display:none!important}
div table div .profile {display:none!important}
table.rail {position:absolute; top:-100px !important;}
div div table div, div.clearfix a, input {display:none;}
div.clearfix table div div {display:block;}

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