Making a Beard Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Have you ever wondered what someone would look like with a beard? You, your friend, a celebrity? Well I aim to teach you in this tutorial how to create this effect in photoshop.

I will start with this beardless man:

beardless man

First we need to create a new layer for the beard.

new layer

After this, select the brush tool and using a smooth brush and a grey colour paint the beard in where you want it.

selecting the brush
paint the beard in place

Now apply noise filter (filter>Noise>Add Noise...).

noise filter

You may change the amount of the noise as much as you want but here i prefer around 30%, set the distribution to uniform, and Select monochromatic option

setting the noise

You should have something like this so far:

after noise preview

Now change the beard's layer mode to multiply

beard layer to multiply

And then apply gaussian blur (Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur)

gaussian blur

Use any value of radius that fits your picture, mine ended up setting at 1.5.

blur radius

You should have something like this:

after blur preview

Finally you may want to decrease the opacity of the beard to make it blend better.
changing opacity

End Result

creating a beard end result

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