Moving Car Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial we will try to make a stationary car look like it is speeding along while the photo was taken. Here I have a picture of a Ferrari


Start by switching to quick mask mode

quick mask

And using the brush tool, paint the front wheel

paint front wheel

and then switch back to normal mode, then inverse the selection

select inverse

Now apply radial blur Filter

radial blur

set the amount to 40 and click OK.

radial blur settings

Now you will have the wheel like if it's moving

a moving wheel

apply the same effect to the other wheel

apply the same process to the other wheel

Now we are going to set the background in motion, so use the Magnetic lasso Tool or whichever tool you would prefer to use to select the car.

magnetic lasso

and make a selection around the car

make selection around car

after making the selection you may notice some mistakes

selection mistakes

To fix these just switch to quick mask mode and erase the red color over the part that you want to select ( Red color means the part is NOT selected )

selection fix

Now you have selected all the car inverse the selection to select the background

select inverse

now apply Motion blur filter to the selected area (the background)

motion blur

set the angle to 0 (if the car is facing the left, if it is faceing right then set the angle to 180) and make the distance as you want

motion blur settings

Final Result

car in motion final result

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