Night Sky Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a realistic stary night sky.

stars final result

First fill the background with black color

fill with black

Then add noise filter (Filter>Noise>Add Noise)

noise filter

Make the amount about 30%, distribution gaussian, and make it monochromatic


Now open level's window (Image>Adjustments>Levels)


and input the shown values

level values

Now we made the small stars, it's time for polar stars, from Filter> Render select Lens Flare

render lens flare

And then use 105mm prime lens type with low brightness

prime lens

You might want to do it a few times to make more bright stars.

more bright stars

Finally, you might want to add a clouds effect so it looks more realistic, to do that make a new layer, and then add the clouds from Filter> Render> Clouds

render clouds

Now change the mode of the clouds layer to pin light

pin light

And the opacity to somewhere around 10%

change opacity

Final Result

After going through these simple steps you should have created a nice looking stary night sky a bit like the one below:

stars final result

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