Orb Logo Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial I plan to show you a simple way to create a nice looking orb logo like this one:

orb logo final result

First use the Ellipse Tool to draw a circle

ellipse tool

Now from the blending options make a gradient for the circle with 90 degrees angle

gradient overlay

Make an Inner shadow too

inner shadow

and finally Drop shadow

drop shadow

Now rasterize the circle's layer (right click>rasterize layer)

rasterize layer

make a new layer

new layer

then make a ellipse selection on the top of the circle

select ellipse

and fill it with the gradient of white and transparent white

fill with gradient
 after fill

this is how it should look so far

mid point

now using the Elliptical Marquee tool set the feather 13px and make a small circle in the bottom of the circle


and fill the circle with white in a new layer

fill in a new layer

then change the layer's opacity to 50%

opacity 50

Now we'll make a reflection for that circle

reflection time

merge all the layers by selecting them all, right clicking

merge all layers

and then duplicate the merged layer


From Edit Menu, Flip the copy vertically

flip vertically

and then move it under the orginal circle

move under original

Now make a selection from the half to the bottom of the new circle

make selection

make the feather of the selection 30 pixels

feather selection 30px
 feather 30px

and delete

delete selection

Finally change the Opacity of the circle's layer to 25%

change opacity 25

Fianl Result

orb logo final result

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