Page Curl Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Well, today I thought i'd show you how to create a nice looking page curl in the corner of a picture. For this you can use any image, I will use one of the Eiffel Tower as an example:

Eiffel Tower

Start by using the polygonal lasso tool

polygonal lasso tool

and make a selection on any corner of the design something like I have shown below:

make a selection

then hit the delete key, it should remove the selection:

delete selection

Now select the new pixels of the image (all but the part you have deleted).

select pixels

then inverse the selection

inverse selection

You will notice that the deleted area has been selected.

deleted area

Now we have to transform the selection, from the select menu choose the transform selection option

transform selection

then right-click over the selected area and select rotate 180 degree

rotate 180 degrees

this is the result

selection rotated

make a new layer

new layer

and fill the selected area with white color

fill with white

open the blending options window for the new layer by right clicking on it and choosing the blending options.

blending options

From Gradient overlay option make the sure that the angle fits your folded part (here I -75 fits mine)

gradient overlay

then select white foreground and gray background colors for the Gradient overlay

white and grey

Now add a drop shadow with these values below and make sure that the angle of the shadow is right for your folded part (it might be different than mine).

drop shaddow

This is what I had so far:

page curl

You could stop there as it looks pretty good as it is, but I decided to carry on and try a few extra modifications out to try and make it look better.
I started by transforming the shape (Ctrl+T), and then right-click and select warp

transform - warp

here just pull the 90 degree angle a bit to outside to create an even more curled effect.

warp the shape

Final Result

folded corner end result

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