Particle Spash Page Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Particles splash page end result


Step 1:

Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 800×500 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with a #00141C color. Now make a new layer set and name it 'Text Design'.

Select the Horizontal Type Tool then set the font family to Arial Black, regular, 50 pt, strong and white color shade. In a new text layer type 'ENTER' on the center of your canvas.

Step 1 result

Step 2:

Under Layer Style(Layer > Layer Style) add an Inner Glow blending option to the 'ENTER' text layer. Then set the layer's opacity level to 70% as shown below:

Step 2


Step 2 result

Step 3:

Now in separate text layers add your name in a stacked position and add the same style to them like what is shown below:

step 3 result

Step 4:

Duplicate your 'Text Design' layer set and merge it through Layer > Merge Layer Set, this should convert the layer set into a regular layer. Now apply a blur effect through Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, use the settings below.

step 4


step 4 result

Step 5:

Add a reflection shadow for your text design.

step 5 result

Step 6:

Now for the particles, first make a new layer set and name it 'Particles'. In a new layer draw a large black circle of 118 x 118 px dimensions.

step 6 result

Step 7:

Under Layer Style(Layer > Layer Style) add a Gradient Overlay blending option to your black circle layer. Then set the layer's blending mode to Lighten as shown below:

step 7


step 7 result

Step 8:

Now duplicate the first particle design layer and resize it by a little through Edit > Transform > Scale. Then duplicate it again and position them as shown below:

step 8 result

Step 9:

Here we add more smaller particles design. Then we can add new particles on top of the ones on the canvas already by lowering the layer's opacity level so its transparent.

step 9 result

Step 10:

Now you have a particle set which you can duplicate and use to decorate around the text design. Use the transform settings a long with the opacity setting to make each particle unique.

step 10 result

End Result:

My end result looked like this, yours should look something similar if you have followed this tutorial.

particle splash page end result


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