Picture Pop-Out Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Here I want to make this footballer "pop out" of the picture

original image

I am looking to turn it into something like this:

final result pop out

So start by using Magnetic lasso tool (or whichever tool you would prefer to use to select the person)

magnetic lasso tool

and make a selection around him
make selection
select person

Now you may notice some selection mistakes if you zoom in

selection mistakes

To fix this I will switch to quick mask mode and use a brush or the erase tool to correct the selection ( notice that the red area is the area that is NOT selected )

quick mask mode

Switch back to normal mode and copy then paste the selection into a new layer

copy and paste
new layer 


For the new layer, apply the drop shadow effect

drop shadow

You should be able to see the person coming out of the picture a little now because of that drop shadow

mid way

To make it look more real, select an area on the background, for example:
select background area

and delete it by pressing the delete key on your keyboard like this

delete the selection

Final Result

I added a border effect behind the person to the image and created this:
final result pop out

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