Profile 1 Hide Codes Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Hiding parts of your Myspace profile is something that people always ask about and is essential if your planning on making a div layout.

Since it looks like Myspace has stopped (at least for now) changing their coding structure I plan to outline all the hide codes that I can think of here as a sort of reference sheet to link people to when they ask me about it.

Hide Codes

All the hide codes below are for profile 1 only and should be placed between your <style> and </style> tags.

Main Navigation Bar

div div table div {display:none;} .clearfix table div div {display:block;}
tr td div, div td, div tr, div table {background-color:transparent !important;}
.profile, div ul {display:none !important; }

Profile Information Section

The "profile information section" is the part of your profile with your name, main image, age, etc.

.profileinfo {display:none;}

Contact Table

The contact table is the table with your add, block, send message, etc. links inside it.

.contacttable {display:none;}

Profile URL

The profile URL is the part with your URL inside it.

.userprofileurl {display:none;}

Interests Section

The interests section is the whole left sidebar (that contains general, music, film, etc).

.interestsanddetails {display:none;}

Details Section

The details section is under the interests section (containing your status, zodiac sign, etc).

.userprofiledetail {display:none;}

Schools and Other Networks

The schools and other networks is the section under your details.

.userprofileschool {display:none;}

Extended Network

The extended network is found at the top of the right hand side of the page - the bar that holds your "status and mood" message.

.extendednetwork {display:none;}


Your blogs are found under the extended network.

.latestblogentry {display:none;}

"About Me" and "Who I'd Like to Meet" text


Online Now Image

.ImgOnlineNow {display:none;}

Friend Space

.friendSpace {display:none;}

Comments Space

.friendsComments {display:none;}

Thats all I can think of at the moment, if I think of any more then I will add them onto this tutorial at a later date.


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