Text and Paths Tutorial

Made by: Nick

In this tutorial l will show you how to write a text on a path. Okay so it's a pretty basic technique, but hopefully you will still find something useful in this tutorial.

You may use any of these tools or shapes to create your paths shape:

starting tools

But I am going to be using the ellipse tool as an example

ellipse tool

Make sure that you're using this option (the paths option), you will find it in the bar at the top of the screen:

selecting paths option

Now make the circle

make a circle

Then select the text tool to write your text

select text tool

Put your mouse over the place you want to write on the path (the line around the circle), the mouse icon will change to this:

text path icon

Now write your text

Write the text

If you want to change the text position you can press "Ctrl" and drag the text as I have done below:

Dragging text

Another technique that you may want to use is how to write inside the path, making your path a frame for your text. To do this all you need to do is put your mouse anywhere inside the circle and click, the mouse icon should change to this when you hover over it:

Write inside a path

and now write whatever you want:

writing inside the path

That should be enough information to get you started using text and paths, if you need some more help don't forget about our support forum!

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