Using Masks Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Using Masks is very important for a good design, in this tutorial I'll show how to use it

To start I am going to use a pretty simple example of changing the background image on a laptop screen:

using masks part 1

Lets start by placing your background image in a new layer called "picture", it doesn't matter how big the image is, just position it so that the section you want to show is positioned over the screen like in the image below:

using masks part 2

Make sure that the "picture" layer is below the Laptop screen so it appears inside it when we create the mask:

using masks part 3

Select the "laptop" layer and click on the "create mask" button:

create mask

Now this is what you should see:

creating mask layer

Select one of the tools that best fits your picture (for this I will use a rectangular selection tool, but most of the time I use the polygon selection tool):

selection tools

and then select the screen

select the screen

And fill it with BLACK color

paint bucket tool

You will see the picture on the layer below it appear on the mask as the part you colored have disappeared, using another color than black will not clear the marked part totally

Using masks part 9

End Result

final result - masks

That should be enough to get you started using masks in Photoshop.

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