Watermarking Tutorial

Made by: Nick

Watermarking a picture means that it will be safe to put up online without anyone "stealing" your image; this is very useful for photographers, graphic designers and people in similar professions. In this tutorial I will show you the simple steps to make a watermark.

First of all make a new small project, for example 250px by 250px and make it have a transparent background.

create a project

Then make a new layer

make a new layer

now, make the background transparent

transparent background

and create your water mark on the layer you've just made. It doesn't have to be fancy, I just wrote out the domain of this site with a brush.

create the watermark

now from Edit menu select Define Pattern (edit>define pattern)

define pattern

and name it whatever you want

name the pattern

Now open the picture you want to add your watermark on in a new Photoshop document.

picture to watermark

and from "Fill" option in layer's window, select Pattern for the upper layer you have

fill pattern

now select the water mark pattern, set the scale you want and finally click OK!

select your watermark

You may change the opacity of the pattern layer so that the watermark is less visible (I usually set it to around 30%)

set opacity

Final Result

final result of watermark

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